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How do we define Portraits?

Is seeing knowing?

If you've ever done street photography in New York you have occasionally gotten the humorous retort, "hey, don't take my picture, the Mafia/Feds/IRS are after me". To which I often add, "you and me both." A person I once photographed asked me when they were going to get their photo? In their mind, they owned the image and were simply allowing me to look at them. I found that interesting. But if I had made a painting or a sculpture that captured their likeness, they wouldn't ask when are they getting a free painting or sculpture.

How do we define Portraits?

While we can all agree that portraits imply a shared appreciation of the subject, however superficial, I believe good portraiture adds another element of specificity to the image. Why here, why right now, at this instant, is this image memporable while others are just labeled selfies? Photographers bring their baggage to the table. I follow the adage that all the world's a stage. And we are merely players in it. A loose translation is everyone and anyone is fair game. Our lawyers can work out the details later if I have crosseed a line.

My Tool Box

Web Design

Iterations of my website have been online since 2000. While I always maintain a site, please note that my best work is reserved for personal interviews."


I began photographing in 1980 when my sister-in-law returned home from Germany and loaned me her camera during Christmas. I was hooked. I had a new one by Valentine's Day.

Digital Editing

We are nothing without editors. It's too easy to love everything we do. I grew up in an era where we shot film and color slides. The demands for perfection were very high and unforgiving.


I use Bootstrap, HTML%, CSS3 and Wordpress for a variety of sites and presentations. It's a new digital world.

Things that make you say...word?

The person we hired for the assignment had a great portfolio but now we are starting to think they weren't his images. We need a re-shoot quickly but the budget is mostly spent. Can you save us?

Freddy Fast One
Young Art Director

We have to take the lowest bid when seeking a vendor. We may not get the best person but our hands are tied.

Penny Pince
Program Officer

We have a pretty good working relationship with the photographers we use. We don't need to look at any new portfolios."

Isaac "I've Seen it All" MacClutchsky
Acct. Rep, Closed Mind Ad Agency

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I am a New York photographer presently based in Dakar, Sénégal. I am available to travel.

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