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St. Paul Community Baptist Church

The MAAFA Suite, Some History

St. Paul Community Baptist Church

Fifteen years ago, a church located on a dead end street, in an oft-maligned, resource-neglected community in the East New York section of Brooklyn (New York), presented its first incarnation of The MAAFA, a commemoration that sought to honor the lives of ancestors past. With little more than a small dinghy as the centerpiece of a minimalist set and a cast of novice actors - members of the congregation - it began, walking along a path not yet traveled. A church with a history steeped in social justice, community organizing and empowering the disenfranchised, offered up a depiction of the horrors that are an indelible part of the history of America, the journey by millions from Africa during the Mid-Atlantic Slave Trade, through the theatrical production of The MAAFA Suite….A Healing Journey®. A church that was, and continues to be, a ministry at the forefront of the fight for affordable housing in a borough that was once a question mark of confusion that has become the jewel of our city.

Slavery's Residual Effects

The church is St. Paul Community Baptist Church. A fellowship that started eighty-two years ago in the living room of a small home in Brooklyn, New York when fifteen people came together and formed what has blossomed into a ministry of over 3,000. The St. Paul legacy is a rich one, with a pastoral lineage of seven. A ministry with a strong foundation in teaching and a powerful pulpit that has opened its doors to many of the most respected preachers from around the country. The MAAFA Suite..A Healing Journey® is a healing modality that seeks to cure the psychic trauma and mental wounds that the history of Black America still shoulders over 400 years later, subconsciously. Our performance of The MAAFA SUITE… A Healing Journey® gives us the opportunity to serve our community, acknowledge a debt. And honor our ancestors for their great sacrifices, unparalleled triumphs and undying faith.

My Tool Box

Book Design

After "Brooklyn Kings" was published I had ideas for new books. I taught myself Adobe InDesign in order to deliver fully mocked-up to present to publishers.

Chess Coach

I am a tournament chess player with a passion for the noble game. If you're looking for match, call me, anytime.


I have penned screenplays for "Brooklyn Kings", "Get Some" and a new novel I am keeping close to the chest. But be sure it will be a head-banger.

Full-time Dad

I have a wife and two young children. Who has time to play games? If you need me, I am there. And when I am not working for you I am playing with them.

Sample Work

I have worked for many excellent companies in my 40 years behind the lens. Here are a few images.

Things that make you say...word?

I remember overhearing a young photographer saying he would always underbid any competition. I asked him what he would do when the competion did the same? Eventually you reduce yourself to pennies and no one makes any money.

Crabs in a Barrel
Unschooled Debutant

An agency for Ford Motors once called me to ask if I could do an ad at Howard Univeristy for $9,000. I said sure, when do you need me? They said it wasn't necessary, the original photographer changed his quote. He was on the party line.

Creepy Competition

100.000 CFA for a piece of paper? I don't think so, she said. I asked the woman if she bought art based on the color of her sofa?"

Potential Art Buyer
Dakar Biennale

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I am a New York photographer presently based in Dakar, Sénégal. I am available to travel.

Almadies, Dakar

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